Guilderhaven inc.'s Whispering Willow Wildcare:

We, at Guilderhaven, inc. are proud to announce that one of our newest Board Members is Joyce Perry of Whispering Willow Wild Care.  If you are in need of a Wildlife Rehabilitator, please contact Joyce at (518) 399-8152, or (518) 356-3735, or email her at  Whispering Willow Wild Care is located at 3558 Carman Road Schenectady, NY 12303.  Joyce is always looking for responsible volunteers to help with feeding and cleaning.  Please call her or email her.  Volunteer schedule is flexible.  For more information on what we are up to with wildlife visit our Facebook page 

Click here for press release for Whispering Willow Wild Care.



Loon Release

Here's our first loon.  She was found in Thatcher Park parking lot grazed by a bullet.  The finder took her to Village Animal Clinic, in Voorheesville, and Dr. Hellreich examined and treated her.  Fortunately she suffered only a slight graze on the shoulder  just an abrasion.
Following loon protocol both DEC and Nina Schoch, Director of the Adirondack Center for Loon Conservation, were consulted.  She was kept in a padded carrier with a tub of water she could easily  get in.  She ate and was ready to go the next day.  The Watervliet reservoir in Guilderland is a quiet release site with miles of clear water, no boats, and full of all types of fish.
She was very happy to swim off to dive and preen & flap her wings. She thanked us with two of her enchanting loon calls as she continued on her way!  
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Broad-winged Hawk Found in Schenectady

This is an immature broad-winged hawk was found on the ground in Schenectady during a rainstorm.  As a result, he had a slight head injury.  He is now flying and ready for release!



Moose Lodge Family Event

Pictured below is Lauren Palmatier with Archie the Screech Owl, and Joyce Perry with Ophelia the Barred Owl at the Moose Lodge event on August 10th.


Volunteers and Supplies Needed!


Barred Owls

Ophelia, Barred Owl, acting as surrogate mom for baby Wilbur who will be released when he is old enough.