Controlling Bad Odours In Kennels

Bad odours are a big problem for the kennel owners. These odours disturb not only humans but the animals as well. Presence of urine and faeces create this problem. The wastes lead to an unhygienic environment that increases the risk of diseases in the animals and people living there. The waste material with moisture becomes a breeding ground for the growth of bacteria. Simple mopping only spreads the bacteria all around. Effective odour control techniques and solutions are needed to make the place safe to live for both animals and humans. There are different options to control kennel odours.

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Granules That Soak Moisture

Some products to control pet waste odours are available in granular forms. They are scattered or sprinkled on urine, faecal matters, dumpsters and other places where waste materials are present. The content is applied all around on the affected surfaces. It soaks up the moisture and makes it easy to remove the waste materials in dry form. The dry waste can be swept and collected in trash bags. These granules offer long-lasting odour neutralising effects. They are easy to apply and provide long-term effects. This biodegradable material is used extensively to control the odours in dumpsters, compactors and other places where waste materials are stored for transportation and disposal. The granules are perfect for heavy duty applications and provide affordable odour neutralising solutions.

Water-Based Absorbents and Gels

Available in the form of gels and granules, they are used to absorb liquid quickly. They are perfect for absorbing lots of moisture. These elements are capable of absorbing up to 100 times their weight. They also have odour neutralising features. Once applied, gels start soaking fluids immediately. These products are used extensively for drying and collecting urine, blood, faeces and vomit. They work perfectly not only on hard surfaces but also on carpets. The products have deodorising ingredients that deliver fresh fragrance to control pet odours.

Bacterial Cultures

Protein related bacterial cultures are biological organic elements. They cause the waste to decompose quickly. They are also effective in neutralising odours. A single litre of this concentrate contains millions of bacteria cultures. The live cultures remain effective even when they are stored for long in a packaged form. The bacteria activate immediately after being applied. The bacterial cultures produce enzymes that safely decompose organic wastes. They also prevent odour formation. Odours of mats, fabrics, beds and carpets can be controlled with this product. It can be sprayed on entryways and walkways.

While products to control pet odours are effective and deliver the promised result; it is also necessary to keep the pet's kennel clean and hygienic with usual cleaning methods. The kennel should be cleaned every day. The bleach should be applied daily throughout the kennel. After a few minutes of bleach application, the kennel should be washed with a hose to remove all traces of wastes and odours. The pet should be kept out of the kennel during this cleaning process. It should be let go inside the kennel only after the housing is completely dry.